Monday, November 25, 2013

"Keep Me" Music Video

I did this music video for my friend, Karen. Some people are more visual, which she is, and this is her favorite song of mine. I thought I would share it with those of you who are visual as well. =)

I hope it encourages you today to stay covered by the Lord, abiding in Him throughout your day, whatever place you are at in your life at the present moment.

You may be looking at the sheer side of a mountain, wondering how you can possibly succeed in scaling it. Surrounded on all sides, the only way is up...but how?

Your boat may be capsized and waves may be crashing over and over you, and you can barely catch your breath. The sky is dark and cloudy, the sea angry and you wonder if you will survive this storm.

You may not be facing any big decisions or trials at this time. Your way is clear, your path level and easy. Your sea may be calm, the sky perfectly clear and sunny and everything is going absolutely wonderful for you.

Wherever you may be, the need for us to abide with Jesus is still true. May God keep you close to His heart.

To read the original post of and story behind this song, go HERE.

All glory to Jesus,

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why I Like to Sing Alone

Last week, my two oldest were out for the afternoon and my mom took the littles over to her house for their naps. I was able to get some vocals recorded, which I had been itching to do for awhile.

Maybe someday I will give you a tour of my "studio"'s a very simple setup, trust me. It would probably make some of you cringe. haha 

But the real thing (the real studio experience) would be terribly intimidating to me, I think. I'm so thankful that I can sing alone all by myself and not worry about those hiccups that happen and worrying about the professional sound engineer that is having to listen to me hurt their ears. Yeah, I guess I'm too self-conscious. I probably need to get over that. Not probably, but I do. Need to. Have to. Must.

But let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I wasn't nervous of being in front of people. I have fond memories of singing with my sister for special events. We did little duets together, people thought we were cute. You know, two little girls who are sisters, singing together, that's kind of cute. Anyway, I became confident and comfortable as time went on doing that.  

Then about nine years ago, I was invited to do a special song for the ladies' tea at the church we were attending. I don't know what it was - the combination of having to play the piano AND sing at the same time, or just not having been in front of people like that in a long time - but I totally, completely croaked. Waaah! My voice flew away and was replaced by a weak, pathetic sound. I'm not even going to call it a voice, it was that bad! And I was mortified. It left me scarred, but I'm really hoping not for life! Never give up hope!

So here's my question to you singers out there. How did you overcome your fear of croaking after you'd croaked? haha I really think it's bad that I even have that fear, because I'm just singing for the Lord anyway, but after you've had one of "those moments" (and you have to have had one of "those moments" to know what I'm talking about), it leaves you thinking that you will never try that again...EVER! Any tips? ;-)

Croaking and all, all glory to Jesus,

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Sample From Last Week's Recording Session

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Last Friday, after I was done for the day with recording, I mentioned on my Facebook page that I had some samples of what I had worked on.

Today, I'm going to share with you one of those samples. It's a little snippet from "When You Speak to Me" and I hope you enjoy it. My brother, Daniel Tekunoff, did the arrangement for me. He is not only very talented, he is a blessing, and I'm not just saying that because he's my brother. =)

Keep in mind that it's a rough draft, (not the arrangement by any means!), the vocals and levels and such. And it's missing background vocals at the moment. But it's a preview and I hope you enjoy it. You can listen to it HERE on SoundCloud. I'd love to hear what you think about it. =)

All glory to Jesus,

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Upcoming Plans...

First of all, I'm still alive. I haven't updated this blog in two weeks. That is terrible!

Second, I have a couple of projects mulling around in my head right now. I just don't know which one to do first. I'm somewhat torn. Should I do the one I planned on doing right after I Exist for You (which I planned on titling High Above Me), or should I do the project which chronicles my recent health crisis (which I plan on titling When I Look Back)?

Hmmm...any thoughts?? Too many songs and not enough time. I'm getting to the point where I'm willing to share the rough recordings with you guys. Just me and the piano. That would be really awesome (not really, I'm being sarcastic). I honestly don't play too great, but I may be throwing in a few songs that are a little "rough", just an FYI! =)

All glory to Jesus,

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I Exist for You Project Complete!

Well, after going back through the old recordings and polishing them up a bit, the whole I Exist for You project is now complete on SoundCloud. Eight years ago, when I first recorded many of these songs, I don't think anything like SoundCloud existed. It has been a wonderful way to share these songs! =)

You can find the entire project HERE and listen to it or download it for free. =)

All glory to Jesus,