Song List

Here's a list of the songs God has given to me. The under-lined songs are links to the original posts, where you can read about the background, testimony, or just my personal thoughts regarding that particular song and also find either a video or the link to listen to the song via SoundCloud, where you may also download it (for free). The titles which are not underlined have either not been posted yet, or have not been recorded. The latter is the more probable reason. It takes a lot of time. =)

(Disclaimer: Remember, I'm not a professional, so the recordings aren't going to be professional quality. Thanks for giving me grace!)

"2 Cor. 4"
"A Hymn of Sorts"
"A Sacrifice of Praise"
"A Vessel"
"All of Me"
"All Things New"
"As For Me (Psalm 31)"
"At This Place"
"Be Her Lord"
"Be Our One Desire"
"Because You"
"Blessed is the Man"
"Compared to You"
"Do I Love You"
"Everything that I Am"
"Faithful to Me"
"Give Me a Heart"
"Glimpses of You"
"Glory in the Highest"
"Glory to Your Name"
"Good Shepherd"
"He Who Calls on the Lord"
"Here We Are"
"Hiding Place"
"High Above Me"
"Holding onto You, Lord"
"Holy Still"
"How can I"
"I am Learning"
"I Bow My Heart"
"I Can Call Your Name"
"I Come to You"
"I Exist For You"
"I Just Want You"
"I Need You, Lord"
"I Praise You"
"I Will Follow"
"I Will Not Forget"
"I Will Praise You"
"I Will Sing to You"
"I Will Trust You"
"In Love With You, My Jesus"
"In the Middle"
"In this Hour"
"In Your Presence"
"Isaiah 66:1-2"
"It's You I Adore"
"Jesus is"
"Keep Holding On"
"Keep Me"
"Lead Me"
"Let Me"
"Lord, Make Me Willing"
"Many are Your Thoughts"
"More and More"
"My Everything"
"New in You"
"No Better Burden"
"No One Like You"
"No Other"
"O My Soul"
"Our Perfect Leader"
"Overwhelmed by You"
"Praises to Jesus"
"Psalm 59"
"Psalm 63"
"Psalm 116"
"Purify My Heart"
"Reign in Me"
"Restore and Renew"
"Seasons in My Life"
"Shine on Me"
"So Good to Me"
"Song in the Night"
"Speak to Me"
"Teach Me"
"That Which is Lost"
"The Wonder of You, Lord"
"Through Us"
"We Will Boast in Your Name"
"What You Have Promised"
"When I Look Back"
"When My Heart is Overwhelmed"
"When You Speak to Me"
"Whom Shall I Fear"
"Why are We Silent?"
"Worthy is the Lamb of God"
"You Alone are Worthy
"You are All I Need"
"You are Enough"
"You are God"
"You are Life"
"You are My Everything"
"You are the Lord"
"You Deserve"
"You Gave"
"Your Life Inside"
"Your Love for Me"
"Your Word is a Light"

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